Why Women Should Support Each Other: Adele Tickets

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There’s a reason why women are often being pit against each other. Because if we’re all fighting amongst ourselves, the dudes don’t have to worry about us ganging up on them. Nothing demonstrated this to me more than the recent absurdity that was Adele “25” Tour tickets going on sale across North America. See, the goal of the dudes was clearly to have us take each other out of the quest for tickets, leaving them an open path to grab up as many Adele tickets as they please. Ha! I saw through this charade. If I were to sabotage my lady friends by either failing to mention when tickets went on sale or wasting energy preventing them from getting tickets–the guys win. And heck no I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

So in what was a fantastic demonstration of ladies supporting ladies, a group of 7 friends banded together to get Adele tickets for ladies around the world. Ok, so just for our immediate group of friends. But still! We live in Hollywood and frequently there’s an “us vs them” mentality. So 7 women joining together on a random Thursday morning in December to make sure our dreams were realized was in fact quite beautiful. Our Adele ticket waiting room conference call became a place to open up with each other–share our hopes, dreams, and tears. You can’t help but do anything else in such trying times. And while there were so many moments we could’ve given up, we didn’t.

So thank you to my compatriots: Kai, Sue, Liz, Ally, and Sharon for proving the world wrong. We can have friendship AND Adele tickets.

Featured Image Credit: Adele / Facebook

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