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I saw BOYHOOD in July 2014 for the first time and it was immediately my favorite film. I had been anticipating it for months and couldn’t wait to finally see it. There were many reasons why. Richard Linklater is one of my favorite directors. The way the film was made over the course of 12 years was intriguing and the story seemed to be something I would relate to.

I didn’t grow up in the exact same time period Mason (the boy experiencing boyhood) did. I’m about 6 years ahead of him in life. But I did grow up with a singe mother who moved us around a bit. And I did the whole every-other weekend with my dad thing. I had new step-parents and ex-step-parents. There’s a lot of BOYHOOD that I could relate to and that’s part of why I loved it.

However, I have friends that didn’t have divorced parents or new step-parents. They didn’t seem to have anything in like that outwardly resembled what Mason went through in BOYHOOD. But they also loved the film. Why?

There’s a feeling in BOYHOOD that seems to transcend the relation to actual events in the film. It’s the feeling of growing up. It’s the feeling of slowly becoming aware that your parents have lives outside of you. It’s the feeling of going through hard times and fun times and all of those tiny moments making up who you become. And I think that’s what makes BOYHOOD so special. That’s why people love it. Because everyone can relate to that in some way.

As we approach the Academy Awards, that’s why BOYHOOD is my choice for Best Picture.

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