What 27 Taught Me

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Don’t be fooled by the title of this post. I’m no longer 27. Nope. I’m the ripe, old age of 28 now. So while, I’d love to say I remember 27 like it was yesterday, I’ve long ago put away whatever crap 27 dealt me and moved on. Yep. I’m 28 now and everything will be different.

Ok, so just because I turned 28, I didn’t gain a whole bunch of wisdom as I slept. But I did gain 365 more days of life experience known as the 27th year of my life. And I’m sure anyone older than me will roll their eyes knowing they learned this info themselves years ago, but it’s (somewhat) news to me.

Hang Out With Your Friends

I don’t like hangout out with people much. Well, I do but only occasionally. I’m an introvert and love being alone. So when I used to think about hanging out with my friends, it was exhausting. It still is but in the last year, I decided to make an effort to be social. Like, go to events with friends where we knew no one and spend time in the company of wonderful strangers, many of who have turned out to be great friends.

Operate Under The Assumption That You Mostly Regret The Things You Don’t Do

Also known as YOLO. I’ve decided to believe whatever that saying is about regretting the things you don’t do more than those you do. I can’t think of anything I did in the past year that I regret. Nope. But looking back I occasionally regret not doing some things–like not saying what I really meant or doing something just to avoid looking like a fool. I regret those things. But who needs regrets? They’re gone. Adios.

Stop Thinking So Much

I can talk myself out of something before the opportunity even happens. I use to convince myself of why I’d quit a job before the interview. Seriously. While I’ve spent plenty of time over-thinking situations, I’ve come to realize that being in the moment is so much more pleasant. Try to create the moment in my head before it even starts is a no good, very bad, terrible idea.

So when I over-think what this year will be like, I caution 28-year-old Heather to not forget what 27-year-old Heather learned. After all, I don’t want to start from scratch every 12 months.

THANK YOU 27. Here’s to 28.

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