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I’ve been listening to the Serial podcast since it started. Which is not me trying to be hipster or anything, it’s just fact.

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I got in my car about 10 minutes into episode 1 playing on KCRW. As with most stories on NPR, I ended up sitting in my car after I parked to hear the end. Except this time it kept going and going and going. This was a particularly warm day in Los Angeles and I started to realize why you can’t leave things in the car for more than a few minutes in that heat. It was painful to sit in my car, but I couldn’t turn it off. But alas, I ran into my office and looked it up so I could try to hear then end. That’s when I listened to everything their was (2 episodes!) and was hooked.

I’m actually really jealous of everyone who is just tuning into Serial now. I went 4 weeks with no one to talk to about the show except Josh Charles on Twitter. And then finally around episode 7 everyone was listening. I had been trying to convince people to listen (for my own selfish reasons) for weeks. My roommate just finally started to binge the 8 episodes currently out. That’s the other thing I’m jealous of: binging episodes. I’ve been listening week to week and it’s insanely annoying. I have to wait a whole week? What is this, early 2000s television?!

But the beauty of Serial isn’t the actual story (which is insane). The process of the story being told is what is intriguing. What we find out and when mixed with “when did they record this?” mixed with “how can they possibly end this?!”. So high fives to the whole Serial Podcast team. Thanks for bring storytelling back and for keeping me guessing!

We spent an hour talking about Serial this week on plzRT podcast:

And you can’t miss this.


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