REVIEW: The Wolf of Wall Street

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As you might have heard, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET is a really long movie. I’m sure that’s all you’ve heard about it, right?

In actuality, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET actually IS a long movie (about 3 hours). It’s 3 hours of nudity, drugs, sex, violence, cursing, debauchery and general nastiness. And it’s pretty funny.

There’s been a lot of controversy over this film and whether it glorifies the actions of these awful people who ruined lives. I’m a pretty smart person and to me what happens to these people in the film is awful. They seem pretty miserable most of the time despite having more money than they know what to do with. But they’re taking crazy amounts of drugs to cover up their unhappiness. Plus, they get themselves into all kinds of dangerous situations because of the drugs and doing all kinds of illegal stuff to make more money.

Jordan (Leo DiCaprio) ultimately loses his children, both of his wives and spends time in prison. Although he rats on a bunch of people, I wouldn’t say at all that he gets off with no consequences. I strongly believe that the worst punishment someone can endure is punishment brought by their own guilt or dissatisfaction. That may not be enough for those who were victims, but for me, it’s easy to see that Jordan and his “merry band of brokers” are deeply unhappy and trying to fill that hole with drugs, sex and money.

But is everyone able to realize that? Will someone else watch that movie and see a life that they would like to have? Is it glorified?

Before watching the film, I heard lots of mixed reviews. Some people loved it. Some hated it. Some thought it was misogynistic. Some thought it was glorifying bad behavior. So I went in expecting the worst. But what I saw was an over-the-top film about what a lot of people in America think they want. Realistically, it’s the tale of a time in our history where stuff like this actually happened. And now that we know this happened and could happen again, what are we gonna do about it?

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