No man is an island

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**Below are my thoughts and opinions on the horrible shooting in Colorado this weekend and the impact of guns in a life of someone who has never actually seen a gun. Don’t read if you don’t want to hear my thoughts on the issue.**

I’ve never held a gun. I’ve never even seen a real gun. Yet somehow, my life has been impacted by them. Truly proof that “no man is an island” in this world. As much as we’d like to think that the bad decisions of one person will only impact them, it isn’t true.

The shootings at Virginia Tech were during my Freshmen year at college. And for the years following, there was a shooting a year on a college campus. Yet, I’d never seen a gun.

When I was 19, my cousin was murdered by a person using a gun. Yet, I’d never held a gun.

And yesterday, while I was working the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at my movie theater, someone at a theater 1,000 miles away in the town my great uncle lives in, killed a bunch of people with a machine gun. Yet, I’ve still never even seen a gun.

I don’t think guns are inherently bad. (I don’t think they’re good either.) Best case scenario, they make no impact at all. And yes, there is personal responsibility that comes with each person who owns a gun. As far as the people I know personally who own guns, I trust them. But as long as your gun can shoot other people, I don’t trust your use of it.

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