Joy. Happiness. What do they mean?

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What do they mean?

How do we express them?

Over the past few years I’ve struggled with how much to reveal publicly when it comes to joy, happiness, sorrow, and pain. I hear people say that they “want my life” or that I have “the best life”.

And while I won’t disagree, I feel slightly deceptive in only revealing the wonderful experiences I have had over the last few years via social media. They have certainly been filled with plenty of both ups and downs. And I wouldn’t want anyone to perceive that my life is “perfect” or all wonderful.

I’ve been told that I don’t smile much in photos. And don’t look happy. At least, not often.

But this photo was taken in a moment of pure joy that couldn’t be shoved down. One of the purest moments I can remember recently.

So I wanted to share it — not as a selfie or proof that I can smile, but as proof to myself that it happened.

Even when you’ve had the best and hardest two years of your life, you can experience these moments of pure joy and happiness.

The possibility is still there.

I sometimes feel that I am experiencing my life as an outsider and not as myself.

So here’s one moment captured in time where I was 100% present.

It felt like joy.

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