Happy 30th Birthday DragonCon — Here’s A Letter

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Dear DragonCon:

Oh, we’re old friends now, so can I call you DC? Ok, cool.

I can’t believe we’ve known each other for so long. How many Battlestar Galactica panels have we seen together? How many Firefly panels? Do you remember that John Noble panel that solidified his place in my heart? What about my first joyful moment meeting someone I admire? Do you remember that? We’ve known each other so long that I feel like I can be honest with you — you’re very frustrating…and beautiful…and exhausting…and did I mention frustrating? And well, despite that, what I’m trying to really say is thank you.

Thank you for being a place where people can be themselves
Thank you for inspiring the next generation of panelists
Thank you for the moments of pure joy you provide to many
Thank you for being fan-run (and all of the positives and negatives that come with that)
Thank you for restoring faith in humanity even when some people suck

But most of all, thank you for providing a space for LOVE — where we all come together to LOVE the things we LOVE without judgement and enthusiastically so. Because ultimately LOVE is the answer to so many of our questions.

This year at DragonCon I felt inspired and accepted for four emotionally and physically exhausting days. And of course, it wasn’t perfect. (Although it was pretty close!). There were moments unworthy of even wasting breath on. There were moments too great to express using words. I met people I admire and respect. I spent time with friends I genuinely enjoy. I heard the hearts of talented people spoken through the panels. And the overarching messages of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and JOY were interwoven through it all.

So, on this, which is your 30th Birthday, I say THANK YOU. Here’s to even more progress in the next 30 years.

cheers, heather

p.s. please just freaking hire professionals to run your AV next year thanks

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