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Please note that I share iTunes with my whole family…

1. “Words, Hands, Hearts” Yellowcard; “Into The Fire” Thirteen Senses; “Smile” Lily Allen; “Stuck In The Moment” Justin Bieber (No idea what this sounds like.); “Monkey” Counting Crows; “Defying Gravity” Glee (Chris Colfer) <—Guess who this belongs to?!?

17. No idea. Too many to count 🙂 But really, I probably “agree” with people a lot when I don’t actually, just to avoid unneeded confrontations.

23. It takes a lot for me to get angry. But if I do, I normally keep it in until I have a big blow up. Or I go running 🙂

26. Yes. I am very happy with who I am right now. But also excited for the future me. It’s a great feeling.

28. What if I had gone to a different university? Would I have a different life? I’m happy with everything now though so it’s ok. Shouldn’t regret something we can’t change…

35. I think I’d tell the truth on any of the questions but there are a few that I’m not sure I know the answer to. 

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